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1. Create a meal plan!

You are what you eat. And often, we get home after a long, busy day not having a clue what to eat. Let alone having the groceries for something healthy at home. So we end up cooking the same pasta as every day or ordering some pizza. Very low vibrational energy if you ask me.

That can be avoided by simply planning out what to eat every day! Before your next walk to the supermarket, take some time to think through all of your next week’s meals.

And if you don’t wanna cook every day, maybe give meal prepping a try.

2. Replace mindless scrolling with deep working phases!

We’ve all been guilty of it. But never felt good afterward. At the end of the day though, time is our most valuable good and we shouldn’t be wasting it just like that. What if you replaced those lost times with focused work?

Start with 1-2 hours a day. In most cases, there’s always something that you’ve been avoiding doing. Just imagine how much your life could change within a few weeks if you DO things instead of thinking about them. Often, you’re not lacking the „Know-How“, you’re lacking discipline.

3. Meditate!

I can’t stress this enough! If you struggle with sitting there alone, go to YouTube, and type in Guided Meditation. You can’t do anything wrong.

Even 5 or 10 minutes a day could have a huge impact on your life. You’ll realize that the second you open your eyes after your first meditation. Feels like being in a whole different world.

Don’t stress yourself if thoughts come across your brain at first. Meditation is a skill. Skills must be learned and practiced. Consistency is key, bestie;)

4. Write To-Do lists!

If you do not even know what exactly you want out of your day, you have no direct reason to get out of bed. Sounds harsh, but true.

Having your big, fat goals in mind is great. No doubt. But you also need small goals for every day that will add to the bigger picture. Make it your mission to get one step further every day. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping you in becoming your higher self.

5. Dress confidently!

It sounds superficial but I figured that the outfit you choose can determine how well your day goes. That’s simply because you’ll feel different in a hoodie than in a blouse, for example.

If you feel better, you’ll shine brighter. If you shine brighter, you’ll attract good shit.

But don’t forget: There’s no dress code to success. When I say ‚Dress confidently!‘, it looks different for everyone. Find your style.

6. Get another source of income!

I’ve heard a lot of people say they would do this and that but they’re lacking money. So let’s be honest. We all want more. We all need more. In fact, not having it stops us from leveling up in life. From experiencing and living more.

I don’t want you to underestimate getting another source of income. Whether it be another mini job or some online business: It. Will. Take. Time. And. Effort.

But if you’re someone that has a few extra hours left in a week, give it a go

7. Self-reflection!

If I regret one thing, let it be not (self)- reflecting earlier. Whether you keep a journal to write in or record yourself talking every once in a while. Just fucking do it. And be honest with yourself. If you fucked up, don’t deny that. Face your struggles to solve them.

8. Read!

Self-explanatory, right? No honestly, every time I read, I get this instant motivation kick. It's inspiring and productive at the same time.

A few pages a day is all it takes. If you don't want to read non-fictional books, read a fictional book in another language you're learning.

9. Create a vision board!

I have a big vision board hanging on my wall. It’s impossible not to look at it. This way, you’re always being reminded of your goals. Looking at it should excite you.

10. Move your body!

You don’t have to run a marathon tomorrow. But even just some daily stretching could improve your life by making your body more flexible. Or collecting more steps a day. Some cardio. You name it. Find something you enjoy so you don't have to force yourself.

Warning: Don't do all at once. You're gonna end up unmotivated if you fail. Start by adjusting 2-3 of these habits to your daily life. If you managed to keep them for 21 days, add another one.



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