How to stay fit and healthy while traveling

Do you ever feel mentally energized but physically drained after a vacation because you did not take care of your health at all? Well, if you think I’m going to judge the sh*t out of you for answering that question with a „yes“ now, you’re wrong. We’ve all been there and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, we should not take our health for granted and it’s definitly not a bad idea to apply the following tips on how to stay fit while traveling onto your next trip.

1. Steps, steps & more steps.

Let’s start off with the most obvious but at the same time most effective advice. Vacation-time is your time to shine on the steps app on your phone. Walk everywhere. This works perfectly when exploring a single city but also in the mountains or in a tropical area. At the end of the day, the whole point of traveling is to see new places, spots and landscapes so why drive everywhere in the first place when you can see way more while walking?

2. Search for healthy food spots in your area beforehand.

Literally: Make food spots a real criteria before choosing where to stay. In a place surrounded by multiple fast food restaurants but nothing else, it’ll be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to google the name of your destination with the keyword „food spots“ next to it to find out about your options. Vegans will already know what I’m talking about ;)

3. Order water instead of soda when eating out.

You found great spots for eating out? Amazing! Speaking from my own experience, the thing I always regretthe most is ordering any type of soda instead of water. Why? It contains an enourmous amount of sugar and afterwards, you’ll still be thirsty. Try water instead.

4. Look for hotels with a gym area.

If you’re a gymrat just like me, you’ll most likely feel the need to move some dumbbells, even on vacation. That’s a good sign. More and more modern hotels nowadays have a little room with some gym equipment. It’s mostly not much but it’s all you need to move your muscles a bit. Another option would be to look out for real gyms and ask if you could train there just once. Most oft he time they offer you a free trial training or a day-ticket.

5. Bring healthy snacks with you.

Those could be nuts, protein bars or snacks that you prepared yourself before the trip. Basically anything that you like and that is easy to transport.

6. Last but not least: ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

As much as this blog post sounds like I’m the most restrictive person ever, I promise I’m not. I want you to remember that it is okay to not always stick to a healthy diet when traveling. Have cheat meals or even cheat days if that’s what makes you happy. Just make sure to create some kind of balance with the help of the tips I just gave you so that you don’t feel that physically drained after your next trip.

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